COVID-19 Information

Check back here often to keep up to date with Grace United Methodist Church’s COVID-19 Phases, including policies & procedures.

Click here for the 5/21/21 Update Covid Policy:

2021-05-21 COVID Policy Change Letter


What to Expect for an Office Visit

What to Expect for a Meeting Inside the Building

What to Expect for a Meeting In the Pavilion


FAQ Re: Safe Start Team

Q: How are we deciding when to move from Phase to Phase?
A: The Safe Start Team is using the Guidelines set forth by the conference office, allowing time to contextualize and implement them. We will also determine phases based on the new color-coded county public health alert system (

What this means:

If both Erie and Lorain are Red/Purple we will revert back to Phase 1 and suspend all in-person meetings.

Both counties will have to be in Orange or Yellow for two weeks before moving back into Phase 2 (Phase 2A = small groups outside the building, Phase 2B = small groups inside the building).

If there is a combination of colors between the counties where one of them is Red, it is up to the discretion of the Safe Start Team and the Pastor as to which phase we will be in.

We will enter Phase 3 when both counties have been Yellow for two or more weeks and The Safe Start Team and Pastor approve the phase change and are ready to implement Phase 3.

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